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Fandom fights
Tired of someone or something about your fandom? Don't want to clutter up your personal journal? Looking for people who might be of a like mind? Looking for a good old fashioned fight? *G* This is the place to air your grievances, people!

I did not add any specific fandoms in the interests for a reason. This comm will be all-inclusive of any fandom you wish to comment upon. This includes characters, storylines, fanfics, fanvids, metas, and other fans.

RULE ONE: I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER!! If I wanted children, I'd have had them. This will be an unmoderated community insomuch as you can say what you want about what and who you want. You can link to this comm wherever you wish. You may also link to anywhere else you wish as long as the comm you are linking to has no specific rules against that. I will not step in to break up fights. I will not ban people for upsetting someone else. I will only stick my head in as a mod if murder threats are made. Shorty don't play the accessory game. *G* If I get in on commenting or posting, it will be as a fellow fight club member and you are certainly allowed to call me whatever you wish. Just don't get mad if I think of a better insult. ;-)

RULE TWO: NO ANONYMOUS POSTING! If you've got enough grapes to come and post a rant, have the grapes to put your name on it. You'll either have to take whatever abuse may be thrown back at you or defend yourself against it.

RULE THREE: I don't talk about Fandom Fight Club. I will not be pimping this comm on any journal other than my own. So if you hear about it from someone else and decide to check us out, good! If I don't end up with any members because of this, that's ok too. I'll rant all by my lonesome. :-)

And if anyone does cruise over here and decide they'd just love to make a header/banner/icon for this comm, well that'd be super too. *G*